Actress Rashida Jones is Our Guest DJ

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RashidaJonesRashida Jones is one of my favorite comedic actresses – from “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” to “I Love You, Man” (a movie I appreciate more and more as my boyfriend attempts to turn me into a Rush fan).  But, digging into her music tastes, it’s hard to ignore that Rashida is also the daughter of one of the most influential men in music — Quincy Jones.

She had a particularly hard job of narrowing down her song list and accused us of “systematic torture” for making her choose only five for the Guest DJ Project.

But she did a great job. And from her proclamation that Jay Z is the greatest rapper alive to a hilarious story about learning to appreciate jazz and Miles Davis, she was charming and insightful about the power of music. Particularly when talking about Radiohead’s “Morning Bell.”

“This song creates a mood for me that almost no other song can create, and it’s the kind of thing, when you really are not feeling great, and you’re okay with that, and you just want to get into it — you want to sink as deep as you can and don’t want to talk to anybody and you want to shut the blinds and just feel, you know, just indulge — just indulge in your own sadness. This song really does that for me.”

I think everyone who loves Radiohead has had a similar experience – I definitely have.

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Rashida Jones Guest DJ Set Tracklist

1. I Can’t Help It- Michael Jackson

2. Cant Knock the Hustle- Jay Z (Feat. Mary J. Blige)

3. Morning Bell- Radiohead

4. Boplicity (Live)- Miles Davis & Quincy Jones

5. Love Rhino- Sunny Levine