Album Preview Exclusive: Debut Album from Jenny O

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automechanicWe declared Jenny O a Local Band we Love two the years ago on the basis of her sassy, groovy, and uber catchy track “Well OK Honey”.

We’ve been anxiously awaiting new material and we’re thrilled to be featuring her new debut full length “Automechanic” streaming in FULL as part of our Album Preview series this week. It’s a KCRW exclusive!

As Music Librarian Eric J Lawrence says, a lot of artists are reviving the sounds of SoCal in the mid-70s but Jenny O. “gets it”.

“She perfectly captures that smooth, but emotionally fraught vibe and updates it for a new millennium.” Especially on the sweetly melancholic “Dope Van Gogh”.

She had some help from producer Jonathan Wilson, who echoes the Laurel Canyon vibe in his own work.

Stream it here until Monday, February 4.