Alice Waters is Our Guest DJ!

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Alice WatersChef Alice Waters pioneered a new way of eating focused on the finest freshest seasonal ingredients that are produced sustainably and locally. She’s been a model to many in the culinary world and we’re happy to have her as the latest addition to KCRW’s Guest DJ Project. Alice touches on the sensual aspects of both eating and music listening — from the track that keeps her dancing in the kitchen to a surprising choice from an acclaimed indie rock band.  Here are some of Alice’s thoughts on Nina Simone’s appropriately named “I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl”

“It’s a beautiful, sensual song and I am always trying to get people to open up and to touch and to taste and to smell and really engage in a different way with food.  I was really drawn to the words in this song and the way that it brings you into that experience. I play it when I’m cooking in the kitchen, and it’s so beautiful and so deep in its sensual appeal.

Check out her full set here