Amber Mark Live On MBE

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All ears are on Amber Mark, a rising New York musician who transformed her grief into a gorgeous self-produced debut EP that’s truly wise beyond its years. A musical eulogy to her late mother, this album expresses Amber’s emotional checkpoints through life, love and loss; with jubilant passion and a sense of joy despite pain.

Photo: Brian Feinzimer

Amber Mark encapsulates her emotions in bold vocals, versatile production, and layers of culturally disparate instrumentation.

It’s hard to slot Mark into a standard genre, and her unique nature is what makes 3:33am so special. Nods to Indian musicianship, contemporary pop, R&B soul, and even an urban house vibe are present.

Last week, Mark graced us with an inspiring live set on MBE, and debuted a yet-to-be-released track from her upcoming project. A distinct departure from the tone and lyricism of 3:33am, Amber’s fresh track “Love Me Right” is an invitation we won’t refuse.