Ane Brun Live on KCRW – Do You Remember

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Ane Brun is a fascinating woman to watch. Her singing – in gorgeous dulcet tones — is a full body experience as she seemingly conducts her own songs with her hands, and, occasionally, some hip swaying.

Peter Gabriel is a huge fan and she opened for him at the Hollywood Bowl just last year. She returned to LA with a set of new songs that got KCRW’s front desk phones ringing with admirers!

On her latest album, Ane says she really went for it, claiming that after a few releases, she was finally experienced and comfortable enough to let go of control, which made it “bigger, better and more me than ever”. It bears the title “It All Starts With One”.

Born in Norway and based in Sweden, the artist writes in English (she speaks Spanish as well, claiming she’s been obsessed with languages since a young age and poured over dictionaries).

I asked her if it’s more difficult writing in English than her native tongue and she said it’s actually easier because it’s hard to hear words objectively in her own language and, when she’s crafting lyrics, she’s searching as much for the sound of the words as their meaning.

She played an incredible acoustic cover of Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” in addition to highlights like “Do You Remember” and “Worship”.

Check it out in the archives here.


Do You Remember


What’s Happening With You and Him




Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)