Anthony Bourdain Plays Music on KCRW

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AnthonyBourdainWhen I started the Guest DJ Project over two years ago, Anthony Bourdain was one of the very first people I asked to come on the show.  Like all fans of the chef, author and TV personality, I love him because he is brutally honest and sharp-tongued, and I knew he was a big fan of punk music.

He’s a busy man, so I’m not surprised it took that long, but I’m ecstatic that it happened. He takes swipes at The Doors, points to The Stooges as the start of his “downward spiral” and more as part of his Guest DJ session, which you can stream or download here.

The best part was seeing him stop in his tracks as he entered KCRW’s Music Library. It’s not easy to wow a man who has been all over the world, eaten the craziest things and whose entire life has been one big adventure. But, sure enough, even Anthony was amazed by our music collection and told us stories about, sadly, selling his own incredible vinyl collection for drugs in his younger years.

This Guest DJ set is definitely worth 10 minutes of your time, whether you’re a fan of his or not.