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KCRW’s Album Preview series will debut the latest album from !!!“Strange Weather, Isn’t It,” on Monday, August 16.  !!!’s new single “AM/FM” is one of the most played songs at KCRW over the past month.

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WARPCD197 PackshotI have a problem with !!! !
Since when does CHK CHK CHK = !!!
Go ahead GOOGLE “!!!”….Nothing.
I have to say I have just a little problem with this.

Now I have a rather large CD collection…where is the proper place to file !!! ???
I guess it’s an innovative and graphically pleasing name. i have to salute them for that.
At least they are not pretentious album titlers like our Icelandic friends Sigur Ros (no offense) who named their CD ( ). And what about the title of the new MIA cd. / \ / \ / \ Y / \. UGH !

Ladies, Gentlemen…what’s a conscientious dj to do with this.

The real problem, if I can call it that, is that I LOVE this band. I love !!! ! But, already with their brand new CD “Strange Weather, Isn’t It” (love that title) I have lost it several times. Oh the stress.

Their new song AM/FM is my current favorite song of all time. Seriously. I LOVE it and play it over and over again. A gorgeous groove and a vivacious vibe and it’s a song about one of my all time favorite mediums.