Atlas Genius Live on KCRW – Trojans

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by Larry Hirshowitz

Atlas Genius is led by two handsome young brothers from Adelaide, Australia (singer/guitarist Keith Jeffrey and drummer Michael) and, as I told everyone in the studio today, I’m willing to bet money that they will be a pop sensation within the next six months.

Their first single “Trojans” is an undeniable catchy hit and many people have already started comparing them to Phoenix.

KCRW has been spinning their EP for many months now and in their live session, we got an early look at songs from their forthcoming full length, which will be out in February.

Take a listen/watch for yourself and be prepared to hear a lot about this band in the months ahead.


Atlas Genius Live on KCRW – Set List

Back Seat
On a Day
Don’t Make a Scene
If So
Through The Glass

by Larry Hirshowitz
by Larry Hirshowitz