Attack of the Show!

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Jason Bentley was invited to talk about the “State of Music” on G4TV’s signature afternoon show Attack of the Show. Comedian Dave Holmes was guest hosting and, luckily, he is a serious music fan who knows what he’s talking about.

Kevin Hershey, of the soon-to-be-relaunched MySpace Music, was also on the panel. They talked about how musicians can actually make money, the best places to find new music (public radio OF COURSE, but with a focus on technology for this show), and some artists to keep an eye on.

Dave picked Ben Folds Five, who he described as ‘Dave Matthews Band for people with glasses”, and Jason highlighted KCRW favorites Grizzly Bear, “Australian bong rock band” Tame Impala, and LA’s own Lord Huron.

Elephant by Tame Impala

Watch the full interview below.