B.J. Novak on Riff Raff

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B.J. Novak is a funny guy. Best known for his role on The Office, his type of humor is offbeat and somewhat twisted.

He’s an observer of people and culture and, during his eight seasons on the NBC show, he gathered notebooks full of his ideas, eventually gathering his reflections in the form of fictional short stories for his first book, “One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories“.

His reflections on music, as part of the Guest DJ Project, were similarly quirky.  He picks a handful of songs that use comedy in interesting ways – most of them on purpose.

From admiring Beck’s balance of comedy and sincerity on “Debra”  to late era Elvis and The Kingston Trio.

In one of my favorite moments, he appreciates the comedic swagger –and surprisingly revealing lyrics– of rapper Riff Raff. Hear it below and find the full set here.