Bahamas Live on KCRW – I Got You Babe

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Bahamas is essentially a two-piece band — Toronto-based frontman/songwriter Afie Jurvanen on guitar and Jason Tait on drums – plus two back up singers. Afie is such an exceptional guitar player that you don’t miss the bass, and he likes the extra room to reinvent parts of his songs in the moment.

They soundchecked with “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley as well as a medley of 80’s sitcom theme songs, all of which proved their incredible musicianship and, I guess, their playful side.

I must say, I wasn’t expecting to see anything goofy in the studio considering the fact that the lyrics to Bahamas‘ songs are pretty heavy – a lot of love and pain. Mostly pain.

But they’re juxtaposed with this breezy music. Afie said it was purposeful. That he knew it was – lyrically — a darker record with some personal, painful stories, but he wanted it to “leave you feeling optimistic”. And it did, if for no other reason than hearing great music always makes me feel optimistic.

I loved every song, especially “I Got You Babe” and “Lost in the Light“, and he even threw in a cover of Al Green’s “Never Found a Girl”. Check it out in the archives here.

If you’re in LA, make your way to Pasadena this Saturday to see Bahamas live! It’s a free show courtesy of KCRW.


Bahamas Live on KCRW Set List

Lost in the Light

Caught Me Thinking

Okay Alright I’m Alive

I Got You Babe


Already Yours

Your Sweet Touch

Be My Witness

Never Found a Girl (Al Green cover)

Bahamas by Brian Lowe
Bahamas photo by Brian Lowe
Bahamas photo by Brian Lowe