Band of Horses Live on KCRW

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Our video stream was down this morning due to technical difficulties, so this is the first chance to see video of Band of Horses rockin’ our studios. It’s definitely a session worth revisiting in our archives – the guys were having a TON of fun. Fresh off a two week break from touring, a rarity for this band, they definitely seemed excited to be playing together again. It was a scaled down set with no drummer because Creighton Barrett was at a skateboarding contest of some kind. It highlighted frontman Ben Bridwell’s vocals, and his harmonies with keyboardist Ryan Monroe, which were gorgeous.

The band has gone through a lot of changes and Bridwell says that on their latest album, Infinite Arms, “everyone had their hand in the pie” when it came to songwriting. He called it a “coming out party” for this new band.

New members include Tyler Ramsey, who put out an excellent solo album called “A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea,” and bass player Bill Reynolds, who produced the new album from Lissie, “Catching a Tiger,” which we’re playing a bunch. One of the highlights was seeing the new crew take on “No One’s Going to Love You,” a highlight off of BOH’s 2007 album “Cease to Exist” — all the ladies in the studio were swooning.

Check out the full session here!


Band of Horses Live on KCRW

Infinite Arms




No One’s Gonna Love You

Cigarettes, Wedding Bands



The Marry Song