Bands to Look Out for at CMJ

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I will not be heading to New York for the CMJ Music Marathon this year but that doesn’t mean I’m not keeping an eye on things from the West Coast. Thanks to all the blogging, tweeting and more, I practically feel like I’m there!

While there are a handful of bands playing the festival that already are on the KCRW radar – including LA breakouts Kisses and Baths, and the phenomenal Swedish sisters First Aid Kit, below are some of the others you might be hearing more about in the months to come.

Locals first! LA has some incredible talent bubbling beneath the surface right now —

Grouplove – “Colours”

DJ Chris Douridas is a fan of their track “Naked Kids” but I’m partial to “Colours.” The band has been touring with Two Door Cinema Club and will be hopping on the road with another KCRW fave, Florence & the Machine, in November.  Poppy goodness!  They released an EP in May and I hope to hear more soon.

Young the Giant – “My Body”

Formerly known as The Jakes, they were supposed to have a residency at the Troubadour but Marina and the Diamonds snatched them up to open their tour. “My Body” is a heavy hitting indie rock single. Catchy and epic.

Tristen – “Matchstick Murder”

Jason Bentley gave Tristen a spin on Morning Becomes Eclectic this morning, saying that he listened to her album last night and had to play it right away.  That’s a pretty excellent recommendation for the Nashville-based singer.

Chappo – “Come Home”

I’ll admit it. I first heard their single in an Apple commercial, but I liked it enough to research who it was and here we are! I think it’s worthy on its own, don’t you? Check out these chaps from Brooklyn.

Also, representing the electronic-dance side of things, we have the sampler-happy Gold Panda from London and Diamond Rings, a project from a Canadian fellow with a lot of flair named John O. The  that is getting spins from DJ Raul Campos. Watch his video for “Something Else” below.