Bear in Heaven Live on KCRW – Sinful Nature

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We’ve started recording all of our live sets in hi-def and, on this session with Brooklyn’s Bear In Heaven in particular, the video is so beautiful I think it enhances how it sounds when you watch it!

The dark and dreamy “Sinful Nature” is particularly titillating. It’s a swirl of sounds, mostly pop but a little psychedelic.

They played a bunch of tracks off their latest album “I Love You, It’s Coolincluding the mega-catchy “Reflection of You” and older favorite“Lovesick Teenagers”.

The trio, led by singer Jon Philpot, take you on a sonic trip. Go for a ride and check it out in the archives.


Editor’s Note: Silly me, I initially posted the Echo and the Bunnymen video for “The Killing Moon” at the top instead of  “Sinful Nature” because hearing that song made me want to listen to Echo and I got my You Tube links mixed up! But maybe you’ll want to hear it too so here it is.

Bear in Heaven Live on KCRW – Set List

Sinful Nature

Warm Weather

Cool Light

Lovesick Teenagers

Idle Heart

World of Freakous

Reflection of You