Best Coast Live on KCRW – Each and Everyday

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All of the KCRW DJs are putting together their Top 10 Albums of the Year lists right now. I make one myself – in solidarity, since it’s such a tough thing to ask music lover’s to do – and I can say I already know my top choice without a doubt – Best Coast’s “Crazy For You.”

When your favorite song on an album changes 5 times in a span of a few weeks, you know you’ve come across something special. Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno have captured everything I love about living on the West Coast in perfectly crafted pop songs that pay tribute to some of my favorite type of music – ‘60s girl groups and the Beach Boys. That is the music I was raised on and Best Coast gave it the perfect 2010 update.

This was actually my first time seeing the band live and to say I was excited is a big understatement – and they did not disappoint on any level. This is a must-see live session.

Also, Bethany talks about the inspiration behind the album, her famous cat Snacks and much more in her interview with Jason Bentley. Set list below.


Best Coast Set List on KCRW


Crazy For You

The End


Far Away

Summer Mood


Bratty B

Our Deal

When the Sun Don’t Shine

When I’m With You

I Want to

Each and Everyday

Sun Was High (So Was I)

Wish He Was You