Best Coast Live on KCRW – The Only Place

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Best Coast by Larry Hirshowitz

Best Coast has had a busy (almost) 2 years since the last time they were in the KCRW studios.  They went from being friends that recorded together for the joy of it, to becoming a breakout success.  While their sound continues to conjure images of a stroll on the Venice boardwalk, they’ve come back and replaced a simple straightforward charm with a deeper emotional range.

Bethany Cosentino makes no bones about it.  She embraces all the things that make her embody the attitude that we all associate with California.  As a band, Best Coast is known for keeping themselves accessible to fans. During a Coachella performance Bethany (feeling humbled by the experience) told the crowd “Two years ago, I was you guys!”

In their second live performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic is a testament to just how good it can feel to indulge in their lo-fi, surf rock sound.  Their songs can make you feel like summer is around the corner, no matter what time of year it is.

Let yourself close your eyes while you listen to Best Coast perform “The Only Place” and picture a sunny California beach day.

Hear their whole live session in the archives here.


Best Coast live on KCRW

Dreaming My Life Away

The Only Place

No One Like You

Let’s Go Home

Storms (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

Last Year

How They Want Me To Be

Do You Love Me Like You Used To

Up All Night


Best Coast's Drum by Larry Hirshowitz