Beth Ditto MBE Session Preview

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Watch/Hear the FULL session here

When I heard Beth Ditto was finally releasing a solo full length, I was thrilled. She is a powerhouse in every way — she’s got an incredible voice, she’s wonderfully outspoken and is a stunning beauty whose smile is infectious.

With The Gossip, she was a force to be reckoned with and her confidence is firmly in place as she strikes out on her own. In her interview with Jason Bentley, she talks about her nervousness of moving on from the band, but also why it reached an inevitable end.

With her new band, there were lots of hugs and lots of love and support in the studio. Behind the scenes, her wife proudly looked on as Beth sang her heart out while making it look effortless.

We’re thrilled to present some of her brand new songs before her album is out later this week on June 16.

Here’s a video preview of the session (which airs tomorrow, June 15 on Morning Becomes Eclectic) featuring the track “In and Out”.

(photos c/o: Mark Leibowitz)