Beth Orton Live on KCRW — Call Me the Breeze

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The last time I saw Beth Orton, she had walking pneumonia and was performing in front of loving fans at Largo, who couldn’t have been more encouraging despite her state. In fact, it made the concert really special, with Beth cracking jokes (British wit is the best) the entire time. It was a true conversation, like the best live shows are.

Then came the rumors that Beth was quitting music altogether. I kept hearing rumblings about it. Then, after a six year hiatus from recording, “Sugaring Season” was here. Her latest album puts her full focus on folk without the flourishes of electronica she was previously know for. As she told Jason Bentley yesterday “the more I sing, the more it evolves in this way.”

They also talked about HER favorite songwriters – Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, and Joni Mitchell (“one of the best songwriters on the planet”).

Sugaring Season” represents an artist in a new phase of her life – married with two children, on an indie instead of a major label – and I’m glad she took us with her instead of leaving us behind.

Check out a gorgeous set of songs here.


Beth Orton Live on KCRW — Set List

Poison Tree
Dawn Chorus
State of Grace
Call Me the Breeze
Last Leaves of Autumn
Sugar Boy
Central Reservation

Beth Orton by Larry Hirshowitz