Betsy Moyer’s Coachella Picks

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OnlineId2The Avett Brothers -These boys are from North Carolina, as am I! I love them ridiculously and I really want you to check them out. They’ve been on the scene in NC for years and more recent successes (including an album produced by Rick Rubin) have catapulted them into massive fame. I love their energy. They feel like home!

Frightened Rabbit – Pretty much the top of the list in terms of excitement for me. I’ve been a little stuck on them for the past few weeks and I have a feeling that the live session will only deepen my fervor.

Grizzly Bear – Symphonic. I had no idea how much arrangement went into their sound until I saw them perform live the first time, each of the four boys weaving their voices in and out, each of them a super talent with their instrument. I’m hoping to get dangerously close to a speaker for this one.

The Middle East – So sweet! I merely whet my palette at SXSW with this group! Honored to have seen them twice, once at the feet of the glockenspiel in the Tequila Mockingbird studio during MBE. Love them. YouTube: The Middle East on MBE

LCD Soundsystem – My tendencies are seemingly quite folk, but one of my most favorite feelings is having my ear canals blasted with electropop! At some point in the festival my sweet sway is gonna have to trip the light fantastic. LCD Soundsystem is one of several electro acts that I’m looking forward to! I’ll be stageside with AudioMuffin‘s Frank, who claims his pink wayfarers are the only thing that’s gonna keep his face on his head!

Imogen Heap – I have favorited this youtube video of her singing Just For Now, where she just goes nutso with the loop pedal. I’ve watched it a couple hundred times. I don’t know what to expect exactly, but I’m intrigued to see Imogen Heap!

Temper Trap – What can I say, that falsetto gets at my heart. I am happy to get the chance to see them again, as I walked up on the last song at our SXSW Filter Showcases! Redemption!

Local Natives, Miike Snow, Jónsi, The XX – We were gonna try not to double up on acts too much here for our collective Coachella picks – cause there are so many great bands. But I just can’t let you go without knowing that I can’t wait to get melted by these folks too!