Big Freedia’s Guide to New Orleans Bounce: A Primer

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From KCRW DJ Travis Holcombe:

They don’t call Big Freedia the Queen of Bounce for nothing.

Her LA debut back in 2010 is the stuff of legend, and ever since that performance I’ve been on a mad tear to track down anything I could find by Freedia.

She is far and away the biggest name in New Orleans Bounce music today, so when I found out she was available to contribute a blog post to KCRW, I thought it’ would be cool to have her break down what Bounce is, and tell us about some of the definitive tracks of New Orleans Bounce.

From Big Freedia:

Bounce is a highly energetic spin-off of hip-hop, characterized by hyper-fast, sped-up beats (usually the “Trigger Man” beat recorded by the production duo The Showboys and call-and-response lyrics.

Like Jazz, it’s a musical style that’s entirely born and created in New Orleans. The first Bounce song was in 1991 and it was called “Where Dey At” by MC T Tucker and DJ Irv.

While Bounce went national and mainstream in the late 90s with Juvenile and Cash Money, Bounce by gay artists was flourishing in New Orleans.

For me Bounce is my release! When I’m on stage, I’m expressing myself as an artist and healing all my pain.

Big Freedia’s Bounce Primer

(Warning: some videos NSFW)

1. DJ Jubilee – “Do the Jubilee All” – Jubilee was a true pioneer in the Bounce scene, so no playlist can be complete without him. His music inspired me to become a Bounce artist.

2. Big Freedia – “Excuse” – This is a classic Queen Diva song. All my fans seem to know it and it came out at a real turning point in my career.

3. Katey Red – “Where Da Melph At” – Katey was the first gay Bounce rapper to come out and hit really big. She is the real pioneer and this song is hot!

4. Juvenile – “Back That Azz Up” – This is the biggest Bounce single in the history of Bounce, so I can’t leave it out.

5. Nicky Da B – “Express Yourself” – This was the track by Diplo and the late Nicky Da B. The video was a huge Internet hit and Nicky and me are one of the first gay bounce artists to work with Diplo and expand into the electronic world.

6. 5th Ward Weebie – “Let Me Find Out” – This was the 2014 Summer Anthem and is a throw back to the Cash Money-style Bounce. It brought New Orleans together!

Big Freedia’s latest album, “Just Be Free“, is out now.

To witness the Queen Diva of New Orleans Bounce in person, check out Freedia’s show at the Echoplex on October 24.