Blind Pilot Live on KCRW – Keep You Right

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When I first saw Blind Pilot in 2008, I remember thinking they were a very talented band that truly deserved good things.

And here we are, three years later, and they have a great follow up to their self-released album (“3 Rounds and a Sound”) called “We Are the Tide”.  The title track and “Keep You Right” are as good as it gets when it comes to catchy folk pop. And the Portland band is so genuine — in person and as musicians — which you have to be to pull this kind of music off, since it isn’t necessary “groundbreaking” in any way. You can see it when you watch them play and you can feel it in every song.

It’s just plain good, and it warms my heart when I hear it. Blind Pilot have wide appeal and I hope they get all the attention they deserve.

Check out a great live session here.

Blind Pilot Live on KCRW Set List

We Are the Tide

Colored Night

I Know

White Apple

Half Moon


Keep You Right

New York

One Red Thread