Blondes: Artist You Should Know

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After a lovely and super consistent set of releases on Merok and Rvng Intl., Blondes have a debut album which is in essence a collection of themed 12″ singles they’d released steadily last year beginning with “Lover/Hater,” they brilliantly compiled all the singles and had a veritable who’s who of geniuses (including JD Twitch, Laurel Halo, Teengirl Fantasy, Dungeon Acid, and SFV Acid to name a few) give their singles the remix treatment.

Although it is quite early in 2012, this tight collection is unquestionably my favorite release of the year and is the one to beat on the Cotto charts. Trafficking in blissed out, loop oriented, psychedelic chuggers, Blondes dudes Sam Haar and Zach Steinman are making a kind of music that is it’s own genre and have lead to remixes of artists as varied as John Talabot and Rihanna and is already beginning to spawn strikingly listenable imitators (see: Bikini.)

I had a chance to see them in a very small art gallery in K-Town about 2 years ago, at which point I was already convinced that the future’s like so totally Blondes.


Editor’s Note: Stream their self-titled debut album here