Bonding Over Laurie Anderson – Jason Reitman + Cut Chemist

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We’ve already posted photos from our special event with best buddies Director Jason Reitman and Cut Chemist, but now the video and audio is available too.

My favorite part was hearing how they met. After Jason’s first big success with the movie “Thank You for Smoking”, his managers asked if there was anyone in Hollywood he wanted to meet.. His first request – Cut Chemist.

Needless to say, they were a bit surprised but Jason had been a fan of his for years and proceeded to shock Cut (aka Lucas MacFadden) with his DJ knowledge.

They also shared a track that is a “piece of connective tissue” in their relationship – Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”.

Cut tells the story of being nine years old, on a family road trip to Lake Tahoe, with his parents playing the album “Big Science”. He said it was a bit scary as a child, but that everything he does now was inspired by that record. He said it’s an “example of how you can make up you own rules”.

Their whole conversation is inspiring and worth a listen in the archives!