BØRNS: Local Artist We Love

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Photo by Tony Katai

From the very first seconds of this song I was sunk!

Buzzbands.la tweeted about it and the name – “10,000 Emerald Pools” – immediately caught my attention.

It sounded like something I wanted to experience as soon as humanly possible.

Even better – the song lived up to that incredibly descriptive name!

It’s from BØRNS (aka Garrett Borns),an artist originally from coastal Michigan who has taken up residence in the Eastern hills of LA in a treehouse.

He wrote the track here in LA and you can just feel the joy of endless blues skies and sunshine warming your skin when you listen.

The seclusion of his treehouse existence in the canyons of LA inspired this track, his debut single, so I’m intrigued to see what other elements of the city will inspire his forthcoming EP, out on Interscope later this year.

Jason Bentley gave it a spin this morning and I have a feeling we’ll be hearing it more in the weeks to come before his show at The Echo on October 28.