Brendan Benson Live on KCRW – Bad For Me

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A set from Brendan Benson is a lesson in perfect pop songcraft. He kicked off the set with the epic “Bad For Me”, which is a clear favorite off the new album “What Kind of World”.

He put out the CD on his own Readymade label and brought a few other artists on the roster into the studio with him. Or, as Jason put it, the “Readymade wrecking crew” – including, Young Hines, Cory Chisel And The Wandering Sons, and Howling Brothers.

I also have to give a shout out to his roadie who was wearing a big cowboy hat and I could tell it wasn’t “ironic” or just for style. Ends up he’s from Tennessee and being that Benson (originally from Michigan, though he’s lived in LA as well) has now settled in Nashville with his wife and a son, it all made sense.

Outside the studio after the set, Young Hines just seemed like he was on a high from performing with Benson – their voices made for some nice harmonies — and exclaimed how much he loved those songs.

Benson worked in some older favorites too – “Cold Hands (Warm Heart)” and “Tiny Spark”, which was actually a request from me and I even got a dedication!

One of the perks of working at KCRW – occasionally hearing your favorite musicians mutter your name.

Check out the set in the archives here.


Brendan Benson Live on KCRW

Bad for Me

Pretty Baby

Cold Hands (Warm Heart)

The Light of Day

Keep Me

What Kind of World

Tiny Spark