Brett Dennen Live on KCRW – Make You Fall in Love with Me

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As Jason Bentley says, Brett Dennen’s newest release “Loverboy” is a “brilliant summer record” because it’s full of danceable, feel good songs. Brett tells us it was intentional.

“That’s exactly what we wanted it to be when we recorded it.  We wanted it to feel like fun.  I knew that if I spent a lot of time on the song writing and the songs were where I wanted them, and if we got the right group of guys together and if we recorded live and had a good time that it would come across on the record.  I think that’s pretty much what we accomplished.  It feels like fun to me.  I had a lot of fun making it, I know that.”

Even though it’s his 4th album, he says it feels like his first. He also explains the ‘70s infleunce on the record, saying the whole band loves everything from that era — movies, music and even  tennis matches.  “I’ve been spending a lot of time doing that on YouTube.  Watching old Rod Laver matches and Bjorn Borg…things like that.” Interesting.

We were the first radio station to ever play Brett’s music and it’s been great watching the musician “from a little farm town in northern California” move on up to playing the Orpheum Theater (June 18).

This is a perfect set of music to listen to over the sunny weekend. Check it out here.

Brett Dennen Live on KCRW

Surprise, Surprise

Sydney, I’ll Come Running

Make You Fall in Love With Me

Can’t Stop Thinking

Frozen in Slow Motion

Comeback Kid

Queen of the Westside