Broken Bells on MBE! Debut “Insane Lullaby”

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Broken Bells performed live  on Morning Becomes Eclectic today and treated us to some very special moments.

The band debuted a version of “Insane Lullaby” from Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse’s other project, “Dark Night of the Soul.” It is the first time Broken Bells has played the track live on the radio, though they have worked it into some of their live shows. “Dark Night of the Soul,” which was written with Sparklehorse, includes contributions from many top notch musicians and will finally see an official release next month.  Broken Bells frontman James Mercer originally sang vocals for that track on the album and it was just stunning to hear it live. Brian even commented on how great it sounded when he walked out of the studio.

Dark Night of the Soul will see an official release on July 13, 2010. That day, KCRW will air an exclusive interview with both Brian and David Lynch, who played an integral role in the project.

Stay tuned for details and check out the entire Broken Bells performance here

Also, James announced that in between tours with Broken Bells, he is working on tracks for The Shins, which have been on hiatus. He told host Jason Bentley that a studio is being set up now and that the next thing he’ll probably release is a Shins record.

Brian and James also told Jason that there will definitely be a second Broken Bells album. Exciting news all around.

Happy Friday!