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Broken Social Scene visited Morning Becomes Eclectic for the first time in 5 years this morning and, as Jason mentioned on air, there was a hush across Los Angeles during “Almost Crimes” that you could feel inside the studio. We all were captivated. And that was just one of many special moments, including an incredible version of “7/4.”

The 10-piece collective is in the middle of a tour with Sea & Cake and it was a treat to hear songs both old and new. “All to All” is a highlight of their latest release, “Forgiveness Rock Record,” and Jason talked to the band about both the meaning of the album title and what its like to record and tour with such a big group. According to Kevin Drew, it all comes down to their mutual appreciation for melody and good communication. The interview is fantastic and definitely worth a listen. Check out the set list below and hear/watch it all here.


(I should also mention that “All to All” became a favorite of mine after actor Cillian Murphy chose it for his Guest DJ Project set. He has good taste!)

Broken Social Scene Live on KCRW

Texico Bitch

All to All



Chase Scene

Art House Director

Almost Crimes

World Sick