Cage the Elephant Live on KCRW – Back Against the Wall

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When Cage the Elephant’s monster single “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked” came out a few years ago, it was my anthem. To this day, I still include it on many a mix tape. It just has this confidence, this mojo, that makes me feel empowered when I hear it. I was very curious about how Cage the Elephant – a group of guys, including two brothers, from Bowling Green, KY — would follow up such a hit, a huge task for any band. Needless to say, they did an excellent job on their sophomore release “Thank You, Happy Birthday”.

We were all anxiously awaiting today’s set, especially Jason who likens their catchy yet punk musical stylings to the Pixies. Despite coming straight from the desert where they performed at Coachella over the weekend, the band gave it their all in the studio. Highlights were “Aberdeen,” Back Against the Wall, and “Shake Me Down” (which they told us almost didn’t make the album). It was a rockin’ set to kick off the week and a fun interview too. Check it all out here

Cage the Elephant Live on KCRW



Back Against the Wall

Shake Me Down


Rubber Ball

Around My Head