Cage the Elephant Live on KCRW – “Telescope” Live Debut

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cage the elephant

I feel like I take Cage the Elephant for granted.

They’re just about the nicest guys in rock music AND the most fun. They also write incredible songs.

This was their return visit to Morning Becomes Eclectic and MBE host Jason Bentley mentioned that we are watching them grow up before our eyes. It certainly feels that way.

When they were here in 2011, we compared them to the Pixies. Now the Pixies are back with a new album and Cage the Elephant has gone a different direction on their latest “Melaphobia”, which is more influenced by 60’s pop than gritty rock (“Take it or Leave it” is a perfect example).

Singer Matt Shultz said they stopped listening to music while recording the record so, as far as influences go, it was “comparable to trying to draw a childhood friend from memory.”

But they are still wild at heart, with stories of skinny dipping and climbing stage scaffolding peppered throughout the set. Jason asked Matt about his crowd surfing techniques and he said he “connects with souls in the crowd” and “they just know where to take me.”

I know they get mainstream “modern rock” radio love and aren’t necessarily public radio sweethearts, but they deserve all the attention in the world for their consistently excellent output.

They even treated us to something super special – it was the first time they’ve ever played “Melaphobia” standout “Telescope” live!

Watch it below and find the full session here.