Calexico Live on KCRW – Splitter

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by Larry Hirshowitz
by Larry Hirshowitz

From MBE Producer Ariana Morgenstern

One of my favorite things about being the producer of MBE for so many years is that I’ve met so many artists at varying points in their careers.  Then I have the pleasure of bringing them back when they have new material to share with our audience.  Calexico is one of those bands.

We were first introduced to Joey Burns and John Convertino when they played with prolific artist and raconteur Howe Gelb of Giant Sand in the 90’s before starting up Calexico. At the time, Joey and John were both based here in L.A. and we’d occasionally run into each other at events and catch up on what we were each listening to. They’ve always had big ears and we each share a deep curiosity for different cultures.

Watch them perform “Splitter” on Morning Becomes Eclectic

Having them back on MBE yesterday reminded me how much I admire their work and how they weave those influences into their songs. It is a pleasure to watch them live. Their work features so many interesting instruments that it was practically impossible to not run into their cases in the hallway as they loaded in. Their performance included things like the vibraphone, baritone guitar, trumpet, pedal steel and a hefty upright bass.  It’s like that at their live shows too!

Bentley was right when he said that they seem “musically voracious” during the interview. They live and breathe music.

Calexico treated our audience to a very special song this time around which didn’t make it on to their new album Algiers but has been a favorite to perform on stage. Thankfully, you don’t have to be at a show to check it out, here’s “Dead Moon” for your enjoyment.

Calexico – “Dead Moon”

Stream their whole set online here!

Can’t wait to see them again tonight at the El Rey Theatre!

Calexico Live on KCRW – Set List


Dead Moon

Maybe on Monday

Fortune Teller


The Vanishing Mind


by Larry Hirshowitz
by Larry Hirshowitz
by Larry Hirshowitz
by Larry Hirshowitz