Camera Obscura Live on KCRW — This is Love

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Jason Bentley calls Camera Obscura’sDesire Lines” the “perfect summertime album release” when they joined us in studio earlier this week for a live set. The Glaswegian pop ensemble formed in 1996 and continue to create easy, breezy songs that make your heart swell.

Tracyanne Campbell’s voice is just incredible. It’s so sweet and pretty that I just want her to sing me lullabies at night (kinda creepy, I know)

Do It Again” is the obvious catchy hit single but we all really loved the tiny triangle on “This is Love” (see above).

Enjoy the full session here.

Camera Obscura Live on KCRW

Do it Again
Break it to You Gently
New Year’s Resolution
Desire Lines
This is Love
Every Weekday
I’m Not in Love
Fifth in Line to the Throne