Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought a Zoo” Mix Tape

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Arclight in Hollywood and it’s an advance screening of Cameron Crowe’s latest film, his first in some time.

As a music lover, “Almost Famous” will ALWAYS hold a place in my heart. Especially the scene with “Tiny Dancer, it kills me every time.

Music plays a major role in “We Bought a Zoo” too, whether it’s the gorgeous, soaring score Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi created (did you know that Cameron first discovered Sigur Ros while listening to Morning Becomes Eclectic? True story!) or great tracks like Neil Young’sCinnamon Girl” and Temple of the Dog’sHunger Strike”.

The movie is a fun, yet emotional, ride starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. To convince Matt to join the cast, Cameron sent him a mix tape to give him an idea of the tone.

I can understand why. It would have been really easy to make this a cheesy movie – a family in crisis doing something wildly adventurous (buying a dilapidated zoo!). But it’s not cheesy, not at all. It feels very real. (And the animals are fun to watch too.)

Kim Masters, who hosts The Business on KCRW, got her hands on the playlist Cameron used to woo Matt (who is incredible, by the way). Check it out below and read the story she wrote for the Hollywood Reporter here.


Mix for Matt:

  1. Save It for Later … Pete Townshend
  2. I’m Open (Live) … Eddie Vedder
  3. War of Man (Live)  … Neil Young
  4. Soul Boy … The Blue Nile
  5. Mohammed’s Radio … Jackson Browne
  6. Sanganichi … Shugo Tokumaru
  7. Airline to Heaven … Wilco
  8. Buckets of Rain … Bob Dylan
  9. The Heart of the Matter (Live) … Don Henley
  10. I Will Be There When You Die … My Morning Jacket
  11. Ain’t No Sunshine … Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
  12. Child of the Moon … Rolling Stones
  13. If I Am a Stranger … Ryan Adams
  14. Concrete Sky … Beth Orton
  15. Helpless (Live) … Neil Young
  16. Don’t Be Shy (no piano) … Cat Stevens
  17. Nerstrand Woods … Mark Olson And The Creekdippers