Cape Verde: The Spirit of Morabeza

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Greetings from Cape Verde!

A few years ago, one of my favorite Cape Verdean artists, Boy Ge Mendes, released an album called Noite de Morabeza. I never quite knew what the word “morabeza” meant.

But now, on just my second day in Praia, on the island of Santiago in Cape Verde, I do.

Morabeza is both a word and a concept, a lifestyle, a way of seeing and understanding things and life. It is not as well known to us as the elusive word “saudade”, made famous by the late, incomparable Cesaria Evora.

Morabeza is more akin to the Hawaiian word and concept of aloha. Like aloha and the spirit it embodies, morabeza is about gentleness and kindness. A softer way of living and looking at life.

And there is plenty of morabeza in Cape Verde. Of course it never hurts that the air is soft, the island breeze is fresh, and the ocean is clear and warm–just like Hawaii.

boy ge mendes
Boy Ge Mendes: Noite De Morabeza