Casimer&Casimer: Artist You Should Know

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Sometimes you need a burst of sunny pop. Well, at least I do.

I fell down the rabbit hole of Soundcloud and somehow this song popped up. I was working furiously, but as soon as the bass line came in at about :30 seconds, I just stopped typing and listened.

The song got better and better and all the sudden I had a favorite new track.

Turns out, I’m not the first at KCRW to discover the Chicago-based duo Casimer&Casimer.

Anne Litt, Eric J Lawrence and Travis Holcombe have been spinning them, including the track below.

Here’s a bit more about them:

Casimer&Casimir is a new American musical duo

Casimer&Casimir are uncle & nephew

Casimer&Casimir are variant spellings of the same family name

Casimer&Casimir were born in Detroit

Casimer&Casimir record themselves at mydearsweet {analog-to-digital conversions}

Find them on Facebook here.