Cassius, I Love You So. I Really Do

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I’m not an on air personality at KCRW, but I am so passionate about our music programming that they like to throw me on as a sidekick with nighttime DJs Garth Trinidad and Raul Campos during our pledge drives.

And every pledge drive, I fall in love with at least one song and/or an artist I hadn’t heard before.  A song that keeps me going when the phone lines aren’t as full as we’d like them to be. Last night, that song was Cassius’ “I Love You So.”

I’m on again tonight (Friday) from 8pm to midnight, if you want to hear the voice of RR! Either way, if you’re a fan of KCRW’s programming, PLEASE support us with your dollars. Take a t-shirt, a CD, or become a monthly Star. Find out more here