Catching up with Daniel Avery

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In the last 2 weeks DJ/Producer Daniel Avery as has in Manchester, London, Chicago and Seattle.

Next 2 weeks he will be in Ibiza, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Croatia.

This weekend at FYF Fest, he’ll no doubt be playing a finely tuned set of pure wavy dancefloor fire. I caught up with him briefly (literally between flights) to see how he’s holding up…

BUD! It’s been about a year since the release of “Drone Logic“…what has the last year been like?

Relentless in the best possible way. It’s been an education too.

Seems like you’ve been on a perpetual DJ tour…has there been any downtime? Also, do you need downtime to get into that creative space and/or does that feverish pace help drive your muse?

It’s all one of the same. Digging for music, experimenting in the studio, touring on the road… they are all so intrinsically linked. For me, they couldn’t exist without each other.

Last couple of months there’s been an amazing steady flurry of remixes of your work and remixes by you…are you possibly working on new Daniel Avery stuff too? Or any collaborative stuff on the horizon?

There’s still a final batch of remixes to come before the end of the year – some pretty special stuff. I’ve been working on some new music, yeah. I think it’ll emerge early 2015.

You’re spinning here at FYF this weekend…what can people expect from your set? And/or how would you describe what your set?

“Not as expensive as Paris Hilton”

BOOM. OK. Are there any artists at the festival that you’re particularly stoked to see?

I always dig Talabot’s sets so that should be a good one. I’m looking forward to Darkside too.

Also, generally speaking…are there any artists up and coming OR classic that are currently on repeat on Dan Avery’s iphone/ipad/ithing?

The new Roman Flügel album is stunning. It’s further proof that he’s a master of his craft. Lee Gamble’s new record has also been on repeat.

Lastly, turn down for what? I’m just playing. That’s really terrible.

But seriously, what do you like to do when you’re not banging out deliriously sick sets in tents and clubs worldwide and/or in the lab churning out facemelting jammers?

Dark rooms. Radio 4. Herbal tea.


*Daniel Avery’s full length album on Phantasy Sound is “Drone Logic. The most recent remix 12″ features remixes by Roman Flugel & Ricardo Tobar. He is spinning in The Arena at FYF Fest on Sunday evening at 6:35pm.