Chandeliers: Artist You Should Know

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Marrying throbbing electro-funk with luminously gauzy dream-pop  Chicago’s Chandeliers make music to two-step to. Where Delorean seemingly take inspiration from their sunny Spanish beach experience to create catchy modern Balearica, and Pittsburgh’s Tobacco makes industrial grade electro-psychedelia that reflects that city’s pop art weirdness, Chandeliers are making a similarly off-kilter (but totally emotive) dance music that reflects their city’s epic modern angularity, gritty urbanity, and the melancholic anonymity of the big city.

If William Gibson wrote an alternative narrative for Purple Rain where Prince was a gamer sucked into a Tron-esque videogame environment, Chandelier’s “Founding Fathers” record (coming mid-June on Captcha Records) could very well be the soundtrack.

The Wire went as far as to refer to their shimmery futurejams as “music for a perfect world, the soundtrack for a club where the dawn never comes and the lights are never turned on.” Not too shabby for a couple of dudes trying to escape the Windy City’s bitter winter by locking themselves in a studio and layering melody upon melody in hopes of conjuring an electronic sun.