Charlene Soraia: Love From London

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Charlene Soraia is someone who has been on my radar for a good few years.

Back in 2008, I was producing a radio show called The Selector, which celebrated the best in new British music. I went to an open mic night in a pub in London’s Finsbury Park and was lucky enough to witness Charlene Soraia I bought a demo CD at the end of her set and we began to play her music on the show.

Fast forward to now, she covered The Calling’s “Whereever You Will Go”, (which was used for a tea advertisement) and has notched up well over 1 million views, she’s been playlisted by BBC Radio 1 and her debut album “Moonchild” is out now.

Her voice is amazing, and it’s an extra special treat to hear it live. I also got her in for a live session so these videos are also shot and edited by me!

Alex Kenning