Chef Eric Greenspan is Our Guest DJ!

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Chef Eric Greenspan
Chef Eric Greenspan

The Foundry Owner and Chef Eric Greenspan went to high school with our very own Garth Trinidad, who used to design flyers for Eric’s punk band “The Green Armpits.” Yes, quite a name. Eric stayed true to his punk roots, picking a tracking by Bad Religion, but also shared The Doors’ track that saved him while he was in culinary school and struggling to survive in New York City, as well as a song from an artist he discovered while working in Spain at El Bulli. The chef considers Manu Chao his musical equivalent – a musician who “just does his thing.”

Check out Eric’s incredibly enthusiastic and funny  Guest DJ session here and visit his restaurant, The Foundry on Melrose, which happens to be a KCRW Fringe Benefits provider.