Chef Roy Choi is Our Guest DJ

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He pretty much launched the food truck revolution with his Kogi taco trucks, went a totally different direction with the Caribbean flavors of his restaurant Sunny Spot (he is also behind Chego and A-Frame), and then, just last week, proclaimed on his blog that he was becoming a vegetarian and might quick cooking altogether.

That kind of passion and risk-taking is what drives most successful creative individuals so it’s not all that surprising. But it was really interesting to dig a little deeper into his psyche when Roy came to KCRW to talk music – specifically 5 hip hop songs that changed his life.

He reflected on a life of ups and downs and also disputes any description of his food as fusion, preferring to call it “LA food,” which I think is pretty cool.

Check out his Guest DJ Project set here.


Roy Choi Guest DJ Project Tracklist

1. It’s Like That- Run-DMC

2. Dope Man- N.W.A.

3. Rebel Without A Pause- Public Enemy

4. I Ain’t No Joke- Eric B. & Rakim

5. I Get Around- 2Pac