Chef Tom Colicchio Brings the Rock to KCRW

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Tom Colicchio into my home for so long, there was definitely a part of me that feels like I “know” him. But only in the way you can “know” a TV star.

Through his Guest DJ Project set, I got to know him as a music lover and it showed a whole other side of him. The guy who favors a guitar over a kitchen knife as his tool of choice.

Tom takes us through pivotal moments of his life as a music listener, including his obsession with Led Zeppelin and wowing one of his famous patrons – Robbie Robertson – with his restaurant playlist picks.

Tom Colicchio on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project by KCRW

The season finale for Season 9 of Top Chef airs tonight. If you’re a fan too, you MUST check out Padma Lakshmi’s Guest DJ set from a few years back. One of my all time faves.


Tom Colicchio Guest DJ Project Tracklist

1.) Maggie May- Rod Stewart
2.) Hots On for Nowhere- Led Zeppelin
3.) Invitation- Hot Tuna
4.) Alex Chilton- The Replacements
5.) Up On Cripple Creek- The Band