Choir of Young Believers: “Perfect Estocada”

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Danish artist Jannis Noya Makrigiannis took a break after a year-long tour with his band, Choir of Young Believers, in the wake of the release of their 2012 album, Rhine Gold, and sought to rediscover his muse.  Eschewing the guitar or piano, he concentrated on creating soundscapes untethered to traditional structures.  The result is Grasque, which will be released 2/19.  While Jannis wasn’t originally certain that these new songs, which take their inspiration from unexpected sources, such as glossy Danish pop of the 80s & West Coast slow jams, would suit the Choir of Young Believers “brand,” he realized he had no reason to limit himself, and thus there is a sense of easy freedom in the new album.  The latest advance track from the release, “Perfect Estocada,” has echoes of Sade, with its super-chill production and smooth R&B vocals, and we are happy to share it with you.