Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” Covered by Washed Out

Written by
Washed Out by Larry Hirshowitz

There is just something so damn sexy about this song.

On its own, it’s a slow, slithering, sandy, wet-hair cologne ad. Wait, I’m thinking of the video.  I’m sorry but how can you not?

It’s right up there with “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “U Can’t Touch This” as songs that are nearly impossible to draw upon in your pop culture synapses independently of their music video. In fact, “Wicked Game” might be the first of it’s genre in that respect.

(Here I pulled the link for you to watch ’cause I know you were going to right after listening to the stream.)

Now on to the cover. Washed Out aka Ernest Greene is many, many things talent wise. His latest album is a lesson in atmospheric ethereal. His previous was pop hiss and driving bass. Danceable and spacious. Indie consciousness.

But Sexy? Not in the Chris Isaak echelon.

With this cover you can hear the unmistakable Washed Out aesthetic and they do a great job of attempting to contain the songs natural tendencies. But just like an adolescent male watching this video. It can’t be controlled. It just can’t…

Washed Out Live on KCRW