Chromeo Live on KCRW

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When electrofunk duo Chromeo took the stage at the Hollywood Bowl last night, they mentioned how much music from LA, particularly gangsta rap, influenced them. But the sounds you hear more prominently in their music came from their native country Canada…in a sense. It was the lack of popularity for funk, disco, and soul in Montreal that made it possible for them to pursue the genre – because there was no demand, the records were cheap!

P-Thugg and Dave 1 come off like brothers, which is not surprising considering they’re childhood friends.  They kicked off the week right with some high energy, hook heavy funk, including a bunch of songs off their previous album “Fancy Footwork” – one of the best CDs to play while you’re getting ready for a night on the town. If that doesn’t put you in a party mood, I don’t know what will. They also played tracks off their forthcoming full length “Business Casual.” Check it all out here


p.s.: The band also talked about their love for the “talk box” in a rather comical interview.

Chromeo —  Morning Becomes Eclectic Set List


Bonafide Lovin’

Night by Night

Don’t Turn the Lights On

Hot Mess

Needy Girl

Fancy Footwork

Momma’s Boy