Cold War Kids Play Songs from “Mine is Yours” Live on KCRW

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Cold War Kids celebrated the release of their new album with a return to Morning Becomes Eclectic and one of the first U.S. radio performances of their new songs.

Longtime fans of the LA band (like myself) are sure to be surprised by their new musical direction. “Mine is Yours” is definitely their most accessible album yet and, as Jason mentions, finds singer Nathan Willet hitting a wider range of notes both musically and lyrically. Instead of creating characters, he mined his own relationships – and those he saw around him – for a group of songs that anyone can relate too.

And the sound itself is much bigger –– think Kings of Leon and U2, more than edgy indie rock they are known for. Nathan said that, unlike their previous albums, they really took the time in the studio to craft this bunch of songs, with everyone living together in one house and sharing one car Nashville. Preserving the beautiful chaos of spontaneity while also welcoming the process of production was key, and I think they struck that perfect balance.

Long time fans will gravitate towards “Royal Blue” and “Finally  Begin,” while “Bulldozer” and “Skip the Charades” seem destined for a larger audience.

Watching a band grow is one of the great joys of my job and Cold War Kids is a perfect example. I can tell they love playing these new songs and seem reinvigorated by the process of making them.

Check out the full session here!

Cold War Kids Live on KCRW – Set List

Louder Than Ever

Skip the Charades


> interview

Royal Blue

Finally Begin

Cold Toes

Sensitive Kid

Mine is Yours