Comedian Rob Delaney is Our Guest DJ

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Rob Delaney would be the charming gunslinger that wins the hearts of the townsfolk with his rebellious yet heart-of-gold-y attitude.

It’s hard to talk about Delaney without applying some sort of “royalty” for what he’s done with a Twitter account.  What he has been able to do with Twitter as a way for comedians to show the world what they are capable of is something that has inspired a fleet of comedians (who would have ordinarily overlooked the platform) to embrace the technology with open arms.  He’s such a Twitter-thority now that even Conan gave him the keys to TeamCoco’s twitter account.

But if you were to make assumptions about his personality based on his twitter persona, you’d be sorely mistaken.  When he came in to our studio to do a guest DJ set, he was sensitive and friendly and kind.  The staff was swirling with excitement to see him walking down our halls.

Then he sat down with Anne Litt and had a conversation about music.  He said beautiful things about comedy, his wife, and his children.  He made us cry with his lovely thoughts on his family.  He spoke with complete sincerity as he shared stories from his life that were both heartbreaking and inspiring It takes a truly brilliant person to be able to say things that will overwhelm you with emotion, and then make you cry with laughter.

Essentially, what I’m saying, is that Rob Delaney is so much more than a green Speedo wearing human torso.

Rob Delaney on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project by KCRW

Hear his whole Guest DJ Set Here.

If you missed him on Conan last night you should remedy that immediately.

Rob Delaney Guest DJ Tracklist

1. In The Fade- Queens of the Stone Age
2. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted- Jimmy Ruffin
3. Bluer Than Midnight- The The
4. Hey- Pixies
5. This Is To Mother You- Sinead O’Connor