“Comedy Bang! Bang!” Co-Star Reggie Watts is our Guest DJ!

Written by
Monika Scott and Reggie Watts

From KCRW Blog Contributor Monika Scott:

Reggie Watts is a tough act to explain to people who have never seen or heard him before.

Actually, let’s take that a step further and say that he’s a tough human to explain to people.  With a luxurious afro, charming golf sweaters, and well manicured pinky fingers, Reggie Watts is a comedian that commands your attention just by existing.

Reggie’s act is a combination of stand up comedy, improvised songs, and complete absurdity.  Seeing him do what can only be described as “his thing” is a one of a kind experience that I can’t recommend highly enough.  You can’t help but laugh hysterically at the absurd humor, and dance to the infectious sounds of his sounds.

Check out Reggie with American treasure Jon Hamm improvising a song on the upcoming IFC show “Comedy Bang! Bang!”

Having him in for a Guest DJ set is a rare treat.  He’s such an intriguing character that to hear the music that has shaped what he’s become is a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain of this mad scientist of a performer.  Turns out the crazy man on stage is a very sweet, kind and thoughtful person.  The energy with which he talks about Tears for Fears is contagious.

Reggie Watts on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project by KCRW

Give the full set a listen here.


p.s. If you’re in LA tonight, he has a show at the Henry Fonda Theater!

Reggie Watts Guest DJ Set List

1. Streets Of Your Town – The Go-Betweens
2. Wax And Wane – Cocteau Twins
3. No Quarter – Led Zeppelin
4. Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears
5. One Mo’gin – D’Angelo