Composer Randy Newman – We Belong Together

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Randy Newman is a pretty recognizable figure. So much so, that we have a photo of him in our hallway — with his back to the camera, facing a piano – and EVERYONE who walks through here knows who it is.

Randy Newman at KCRW

The other day I had one of those magical KCRW moments where I happened upon Randy looking at his own photo (see above). The legendary composer was here to talk about his Oscar nomination (for Toy Story 3) with Kim Masters for The Business.

He also shot a short video for Good Morning America’s “Your Three Words” series in our performance studio, while sitting at our piano. Its part of their countdown to the Oscars. His words – We Belong Together.

Check out the video here (that’s The Business producer Darby Maloney to the right!)

The video is really inspiring and sweet. Made my day!


Photo of Randy Newman: Larry Hirshowitz

Photo of Randy looking at photo of Randy: Gregg Lewis