“Cool It” Director Ondi Timoner is Our Guest DJ

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OndiTimonerI’m the sort of music fan that finds myself drawn to music in all forms – books about music, movies about music and particularly music documentaries (I’ve been on a kick lately, watching Led Zep’s “Song Remains the Same and Pink Floyd’s “Live at Pompeii”)

When I saw the movie “DiG!” in 2004, I knew I was watching something special. My first thought was ‘how could someone have followed two bands (Dandy Warhols & Brian Jonestown Massacre) for so long – something like  7 years’ – to create one film.’ I was fascinated by who would devote so much time to one project. That person is Ondi Timoner. And after meeting her, and hearing her Guest DJ Project set, it all makes a LOT more sense.

Ondi credits Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe with teaching her how to be an artist “riding the edge” and Led Zeppelin with influencing her directing style. She also has an incredible story about Bob Dylan, one of those “pinch yourself” moments. Check out her full set streaming, for download and as a podcast.

Ondi is the only filmmaker to win the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival twice and, from what I can tell, she is not only incredibly dedicated to her work, she explores really interesting topics that others are afraid to touch. Her latest film, “Cool It” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and I expect you will be hearing more about it soon.

Ondi Timoner Guest DJ Project Tracklist

1.) Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
2.) Moving in Stereo – The Cars
3.) Skyway – The Replacements
4.) Ballad of a Thin Man – Bob Dylan
5.) Nevertheless – Brian Jonestown Massacre